Calendar Girls: Shoot # 4 – The Poster

Tea for Three

Introduction: a blog by Flash Gordon Photography

Shoot #4 – you’ll be getting the hang of this now – but just in case you’ve missed it-  this is the shoot of the Calendar for the Play ‘Calendar Girls’, being put on by Stage Door Theatre Company this August.   A donation from the proceeds of the sale of the calendar will go to NZ Child Cancer Foundation, and this is also a great way of celebrating the ladies in our community.   Each month is sponsored by a local business and we thank them for their support.   Most, but not all, of our models also appear in the Play.   This is the poster shot and our sponsor is Rainbow Falls Tea House .

With each ‘month’ that we photograph I’ll be producing a blog.   The months will be in the order of either the availability of the shoot location or the model.

We’re having a competition. The first person to correctly guess the venue of every image that is taken in a public setting will win two passes to the show. Post your list to the facebook page when we have completed the blogs – don’t worry we will remind you!!


1st – 4th August at The Turner Centre

Shoot # 4: The Poster

We really put a lot of thought into how we can put the set together so that everyone is shown in their best light, and are comfortable – hopefully, even happy with the outcome.  Easier to achieve with one person than with three – particularly when at least two of the people on the set are Pisceans.   For the poster, there are other complications – for example, we also needed to leave enough space within the photo for the wording.

A great location for this shot, the perfect tea rooms, and the perfect hostess.   Fay laid tables for us, got her best crockery out and it all worked out pretty perfectly.   The biggest problem was getting order amongst the ranks!  It took us a little longer setting this one up as the lighting and angle was quite important as was making sure ‘bits’ and ‘bobs’ were modestly covered whilst at the same time having some ‘reveal’.  While I adjusted the lighting, the ladies were happy chatting and it gave them the opportunity to relax into their roles and forget about me!

A grand cuppa tea courtesy of Fay helped to get me into gear – I was spoiled today with two helpers – (Trudie and Jo) and their presence smoothed the process along, with Jo checking that I was giving her enough space for her poster design.  I think the shoot went pretty well and the only potential problem was that the shots were needed in landscape and portrait and, to my eye, they looked so much better in landscape.   Did I say the only problem?   How silly!!  The real problem was the confusion as to whether or not we could, could not, should, should not, had to or didn’t have to, have a sunflower in each shot.    Three shots already done without a sunflower and not being keen on ‘photoshopping’ one in, I am hoping that we have some flexibility around the issue.  Anyway, for now we did poster shots with and without the sunflowers.   Gggrrr.     Here are our poster posers and a sneak peek at our lovely setting.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Images copyrighrt Claire Gordon, Flash Gordon Photography at Take Five Agency, Design & Marketing

Have a guess at our beautiful locations which are shot throughout the Bay of Islands.


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