Calendar Girls: Shoot # 7 – July

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Introduction, a blog by Flash Gordon Photography

Shoot #7  –  We’re steaming through the shots now – I am really enjoying it!   This is the shoot of the Calendar for the Play ‘ Calendar Girls’, being put on by Stage Door Theatre Company this August.  A donation from the proceeds of the sale of the calendar will go to NZ Child Cancer Foundation, and this is also a great way of celebrating the ladies in our community.  Each month is sponsored by a local business and we thank them for their support.   Most, but not all, of our models also appear in the Play.  The sponsor for this month is Makana.

With each ‘month’ that we photograph I’ll be producing a blog. The months will be in the order of either the availability of the shoot location or the model.

Calendar Girls

1st to 4th August at The Turner Centre

Shoot # 7: July

I arrived to set up the lighting for the shoot – after the premises had closed of course! Les and Jo arrived hot on my heels. Having checked out the ‘props’ for this evening’s shoot I was really looking forward to it. Our hosts were awesome, they offered us with wine – to relax our model of course – and then made themselves scarce whilst we got on with the business of …. well you’ll need to wait for the Calendar to see what we were up to!

This month’s shoot was as smooth as the wine we were knocking back and we were packed up and done in no time.  I am loving working with these ladies, everyone is amazingly ‘chilled’ – considering!  What a great journey we’re having – and it’s good to know that from the sales of the Calendar we will be able to make a donation to NZ Child Cancer Foundation.

Remember to keep a note of where you think each month has been shot (just the public premises) the first person to post all the premises correctly will win two passes to the show.   How great is that?! I’ll post a reminder in the last blog. This shoot is a ‘public’ location.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Images copyright Claire Gordon, Flash Gordon Photography at Take Five Agency, Design & Marketing

Have a guess at our beautiful locations which are shot throughout the Bay of Islands.

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