Calendar Girls: Shoot # 8 – February

A work of art!


Shoot # 8 – We’re working our way through the Calendar shoots, and so far we are all pleased with the results. It’s a delicate balance to achieve, (near) nudity whilst at the same time maintaining an essence of the demure and total respect for our models. This is the shoot of the Calendar for the Play ‘ Calendar Girls’, being put on by Stage Door Theatre Company this August.   A donation from the proceeds of the sale of the calendar will go to NZ Child Cancer Foundation, and this is also a great way of celebrating the ladies in our community.   Each month is sponsored by a local business and we thank them for their support.   Most, but not all, of our models also appear in the Play.   The sponsor for this month is The Merchants of Kerikeri.

With each ‘month’ that we photograph I’ll be producing a blog. The months will be in the order of either the availability of the shoot location or the model.

Calendar Girls

1st – 4th August at The Turner Centre

Shoot # 8: February

1st June and the official start of winter. Nature made it known that she really meant it and the temperatures dropped. Our next shoot was after-hours in a spacious warehouse, with two models. It was pretty cold, and no heaters (note to self, take a heater to winter shoots). We wandered around the amazing warehouse, inspected all the nooks and crannies, borrowed chairs and cushions and other ‘props’, and set about creating our ‘work of art’. To find out why we had two models, you’ll need to see the calendar!

One of our models was great friends with the business owner and it was difficult to stop them chatting (women eh!) so we could capture the shot.   Interest in their news over-rode the cold – Les called order and the shoot proceeded. 

All angles covered, everyone happy with the shot, we packed down. Our models were awesome bearing in mind the winter snap and cold temperatures. I am so impressed with how all of our models are really overcoming nerves and putting on such a great performance – smiles achieved all round. I think it also helps them to get into the right frame of mind for the play. I can’t wait to see it!

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Images copyright Claire Gordon, Flash Gordon Photography at Take Five Agency, Design & Marketing

Have a guess at our beautiful locations which are shot throughout the Bay of Islands.

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