Auditions! Auditions! Auditions!

SUNDAY FEB 9th | 2pm | Turner Centre Theatre Bar

We are staging a Comedy Revue under the title ‘Exit Summer – Stage Right’ in April on Saturdays 4th and 18th. With five short plays there’s going to be plenty of parts – mostly for adults or some older teenagers.

And we’ll be raising money for Mid-Northland Hospice.

Parts are as follows:

A Matter of Husbands’ – with characters of a famous actress and earnest young woman.

‘Romeo and Juliet’ – with Romeo and Juliet of course , but much older than usual!

Code of the West’ :

  • The Chairman (the only one who speaks and from his script.

The following characters mime their parts:

  • Nell, a saloon girl with a shady past
  • Ricky the Rhinestone Cowboy, Sheriff and country singer
  • Nancy, barmaid, fancied by Ricky
  • Jack Pitt, hero, ranch foreman
  • Big Boss Kincaid, Jack’s boss rich and honest
  • Miss Jenny, heroine, Kincaid’s daughter
  • The Mayor, evil and greedy to get his hands on Miss Jenny
  • Big Dick, mean, moody and malevolent
  • Cowboys and saloon girls

‘Blind Date – The Aftermath’ – man and woman who have both been on a blind date.

The other plays are ‘Fourteen’ which has been cast and ‘Les Mis in 4 minutes’, which also has its original cast.

Come and try out for a part!

Any questions, please contact

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