We’ve been asked to participate in a video for a song to inspire hope for the future in these unsettling times. The song has been written by Swiss musician, Camille Bontempo, and her music video will be made up of lots of little video clips from young people all around the world. Exciting!
You can do a little dance, paint a happy picture, hold up your favourite teddy bear, dress up as a superhero, play an instrument – pretty much anything you like. Go wild!

DEADLINE for submissions: Sun 26th April

Here’s some more information from Camille:

Hello! Thank you for taking an interest in our “Hope Song” project!

The Project: Camille Bontempo (Swiss artist) is working on the composition and recording of a song on the current situation that we are experiencing with the Covid-19 epidemic and confinement measures. The aim of the song is to transmit messages of hope.

In light of the situation, we are looking for images to add to a music video (that we will produce with the means available to us, and will upload to YouTube and other media platforms).

We are specifically looking for videos of children, to express the link that they create with their family, friends and neighbours (from afar), and the world during the confinement period. Children represent the future, and it is their smiles and messages of hope that we would like to share through this project.

The content of your video can be related to a movement in your town or country (such as the rainbow-drawing project in the UK, or the teddy bears in NZ) or to a personal story, or you can simply film your children can simply holding a sign with a message of hope or thanks (or a word such as “hope”, “future” or “courage”) in your language, for example. Other ideas are welcome. Let your kids be spontaneous! They often have original and creative ideas!

It would be great if your video showed the actions carried out from both sides. For example, if your children put up a drawing in the window, it would be good to see the result from outside the house or apartment (but only if you live on the ground floor, please don’t put yourself in danger !).

If your family would like to participate, we have included some tips for making a good video below. –

IMPORTANT: If you wish to submit a video, please send an email with your permission for us to use your images (we need to have the authorisation of a parent or legal guardian to be able to use images of children in our music video).

– We’d like to include the first names (or “stage names”) of the children participating in the video and their ages (if they are close in age, please indicate who is who in the video), and the name of the place/town in which the video is filmed.

Please send this information to us at the following email address: hopesong2020@gmail.com

– As video files are too big to send directly by email, please use a (free) video transfer site such as WeTransfer to send us your files (don’t forget to include your permission for use of your video in your email). – Parents and pets can also participate in the video (though preferably in the background, as children are the subject of the song. Parents holding their babies, for example, can appear in the foreground though)

– If you or your kids don’t want to show your identity in the video, you can always wear a fun mask or half-mask, or even face paint.

– Here are a few handy tips for making a good video for the project:

1) Hold your phone horizontally.

2) Try to film on a sunny day or when the light is good (if you’re filming indoors with the lights on, please make sure that the video is not too dark).

3) Try to keep your phone steady while filming (if needed, you can put it on a stand or sit on a chair to make sure the image is stable).

4) Use the maximum resolution on your phone.

5) Film in several sequences of 30 seconds/1 minute or more (we’ll sort out the editing afterwards).

6) Film from several angles, with a shot of the activity as a group (if more than one participant) and with close-ups of the individual faces (especially expressions).

7) Start filming before the action begins. – Please try to avoid showing any brands in the video.

 – Depending on the number of participants (and if we continue to receive submissions after the music video has been completed – feel free to talk about our project with your family and friends, and share this email), we may make several videos (a main music video and several alternatives (a bit like Pharrell Williams did with the song “Happy). We may continue to make alternative videos over the course of several months after the release of the song.

– Once the music video/s has/have been released, we’ll let you know by email. If you like the result of our project, please share the video/s with your family and friends.

A huge thanks in advance to all our participants. Let your creative juices flow and take care of yourselves! We hope that our project will bring a smile to faces around the world in these difficult times! The Bontempo Team

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