In Which We Find Out the Tin Man’s Real Name


TIN MANHelp! I’m trying to get to the Wizard of Oz at The Turner Centre next week, but I’ve completely seized up! Can you oil my joints, please?
DOROTHYWe’re going there too! You can come with us. What do they call you?
SCARECROWIs it ‘Rusty’?
COWARDLY LIONOr is it ‘Oil-iver’?
TIN MANNo…. It’s ‘Caesar’.

The Wizard of Oz

16 – 18 OCT | Turner Centre Kerikeri

“We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!” Come and join the youth members of the Stage Door Theatre Company in this beloved and magical adventure. With familiar songs, fun, laughter and even a few flying monkeys. This classic story, brought to life by a young talented cast of thirty-six 7 – 17 year-olds, is not to be missed.

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