Auditions | Treasure Island

Everyone is welcome; actors, singers, dancers; all ages, shapes & sizes.



(17 Sammaree Place, off Mill Lane, Kerikeri)

Pantomime Performances will be:

  • 7pm on FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER
  • 1pm & 7pm on SATURDAY 30 SEPTEMBER
  • 1pm on SUNDAY 1 OCTOBER

One of our favourite stories comes to life; plenty of pirates on the high seas, plenty of “Arghh me hearties” & plenty of pirate treasure to be found.

In true Pantomime spirit this will be full of slapstick comedy, audience sing alongs, booing & hissing at the baddies & cheering along the goodies, larger-than-life character’s acting their hearts out, dancers dancing their socks off & singers singing with enthusiasm & gusto.

NOTE: Characters: All characters can be played by any gender


AUDITIONS from 12pm – 1pm

Mrs Hawkins: The traditional pantomime Dame. The taverns landlady. Strong physical presence. Larger than life. Loud voice. Broad gestures. Likes to be the centre of attention. Bit of an attention seeking drama queen. The mother of Jim/Josephine.

Jim/Josephine Hawkins; A strong character, likeable, sensible, loyal, sincere, no drama.

Billy Bones: A stereo typed pirate. This is the only character that does need to be played by a male as they dress in women’’s clothing as a disguise. Very “rough and ready” No airs & graces, bit of a ruffian.

Lord/Lady Trelawny; A posh lawyer. Professional. Conservative.

Dr Livesy; a posh medical Doctor. Professional. Conservative.

Captain Smollet: A stereo type ships Captain. Wears uniform well. Strong physical appearance. Strong authoritative voice. Upper crust English accent.

Long John Silver; Previously cast. This role is not available.


AUDITIONS from 1pm – 2pm

Smudger & Bludger: twin pirates. Similar in size & shape, or physically polar opposites. Dressed identically. Must work well together. Need excellent comic timing & creativity. Played right they could steal the show. Will need to spend extra time alone together to create & practise. They have a “cream plate in the face scene” too which will need to be rehearsed alone together. If 2 people would like to prepare a short scene & audition together that would be great.

Tom, Dick & Harry: 3 civilians in the bar. Straight characters. Just ordinary blokes off the street. They divide the audience into half & get them to sing “Drunken Sailor” Must be comfortable working a crowd &; be able to improvise depending on audience response. They might double as Ned, Sam & Jack the pirates. So must be capable of becoming 2 different characters.

Jack, Ned & Sam are pirates (who can also play the 3 civilians in the Inn in Act 1) Very loud & happy to shout out & ad lib.

The voice of Flinty the parrot – spoken (miked) from off stage, lots of squawking.

The press gang (6 actors needed) who rush into the bar carrying clubs to try to “encourage” the men to join the Navy. They sing “In the Navy” by the Village People, with basic choreography.

Lt Hawser who is Captain Smollets 2nd in command, very official with clipboard, in charge of health & safety. Very officious & is loving taking advantage of the power that this job gives them.

The Genie is a modern day, sullen, impatient teenager texting on a cell phone & wearing headphones. Very self-assured & not daunted by anything or anyone. Holds their own. Would be a street fighter.

Ben Gunn Is the only man who was shipwrecked on Treasure Island 18 years ago. He is the father of all the children.


AUDITIONS from 2pm – 3pm

Women on the Island: (6 needed) These were mail order brides who have been shipwrecked on Treasure Island for 18 years. They will be singing duets for the verses of “Island in the sun.” They will also sing ‘It’s raining men” with basic choreography.

Auditionees please prepare 1 verse & 1 chorus of a song of your choice (no need for the whole song)

Young Women on the Island: (3 needed) These are the older daughters of the women above.

Auditionees please prepare 1 verse & 1 chorus of a song of your choice (no need for the whole song)


AUDITIONS from 3pm – 4pm

Children (7-9 needed) These are children who have been born on Treasure Island. There are only a few lines for the older ones. They will mainly be walking in a line on & off stage. They sing “Hi Ho” from Snow White. They will be asked to make their own shell necklaces & a sunhat using flax or similar.

Please prepare a very short poem or nursery rhyme for the audition.


Unless mentioned above, the audition will consist of reading your chosen character from the Treasure Island script.

You are welcome to come a little earlier to pre-read the excerpt. Can you please email me to let me know your preferred audition time. If you can’t come within the allocated times as shown above, please let me know as I will work something out.

Our rehearsals* will be:

  • SUNDAYS from 2-5pm
  • TUESDAYS from 6-8pm
  • WEDNESDAYS from 6-8pm

Our first rehearsal is Sunday 25th June.

The rehearsals will be held at the Black Box theatre until a few weeks before performance.

*Please note that the children’s rehearsals will be on Sundays only.

TECHNICAL REHEARSAL: Wednesday 27 September

FULL DRESS REHEARSAL: Thursday 28 September for all cast & backstage crew.

If any of you would like to offer your skills or generally just help out with stage management,
costumes, props, make up etc, I would be very grateful, please email me

Thank you,

Wendy Irvine.
From The Stage Door Theatre committee