SLEEPING BEAUTY: Tickets On Sale Now

Book tickets now for this fun-filled seasonal pantomime as The Stage Door Theatre Company put a new twist on this classic tale. Do the Fearsome Fairies defeat the wicked Malvoleena and her Hobgoblins in the Grisly Grotto? Why does Jolly Jack have to keep watering that strange plant? Who wakes the Princess with his kiss? Will the Cook catch the runaway chicken? All this, and meet Father Christmas in his grotto before the show!

  • DEC 13th at 7pm
  • DEC 14th at 2pm & 7pm
  • DEC 15th at 2pm

Tickets available through iTicket

Audition Update!

David writes on behalf of the audition team: “Massive thanks to all the 63 who came to the auditions yesterday, plus the other 4 who are still to audition yet as they couldn’t get there. We were blown away by the talent on display, lots of great new members to the ensemble too. Apologies for the long wait for some. Now a certain amount of work on the draft script is required as Sleeping Beauty is wide awake! We’ll be in touch with the casting soonest !”

ACADEMY PLUS – Theatre Workshop for Adults

Interested in acting? Want to brush up your skills? Stage Door launch Academy Plus.

As a result of demand, the Stage Door Theatre Company is launching a theatre experience for adults. Known as Academy Plus, it features classes by experts in acting, character, improvisation, stage movement, microphone technique, stage make-up and more.

The first of these takes place the weekend of September 14 and 15 from 10am to 4pm at Northtec, Kerikeri. Fee is $100 for the two days.

Following the outstanding successes of Shrek the Musical and Calendar Girls, we have had interest from more adults who haven’t been on stage since school, or who never have been, but who now want to be involved in our sort of community theatre here. This is for them and for our existing adult ensemble. It’s going to be a fun learning experience.

David Crewe, Stage Door Artistic Director

For information contact Joan on

Auditions for Sleeping Beauty

Yes, it will be pantomime again this December (Oh no it won’t ! – Oh yes it will !) when the Stage Door serves up another fun-filled fantasy. This year it’s that tale of the Princess who falls asleep after pricking her hand on a spindle,cursed by the wicked witch.Then she is woken up by the kiss of a Prince.

There are lots of great parts, of course. Many of which have never been heard of in the original version! Plus music and song (and a little choreography too!).

Auditions will be on 8 September, 2pm at the Turner Centre.
Performances at the Turner Centre December 13-15.

Directed by David Crewe

If you can’t make the Audition date, and you want to be considered, contact the Producer Tim Crawley:
or 021 249 4780.


King Henry
Queen Henrietta
Princess Aurora
Malvoleena – the bad fairy
Prince Egbert – King’s brother in league with Malvoleena
Jolly Jack – the Jester
The Cook (the Dame, man in drag)
The Chicken
The Nanny
Aunt Matilda, King’s sister
The Herald
Lady Isinglass
Lady Pokinghorne
Lord Pokinghorne
Lord Bungle
Lady Bungle
Lord Snivels

Fairy Queen
Rosalie, Viola, Flora, Cantita, Bella, Tiana
(Plus others depending on auditions)

(Plus others depending on auditions)

Bruce – the hero
Tina – his sister
Tanya – his sister

There is no experience necessary, and we welcome anyone who hasn’t been on the stage before. It’s a great, and fun, learning experience. We look forward to seeing you!

David Crewe, the Director, getting ready for audition time!

Sleeping Beauty artwork by Jo at the Take Five Agency