Calendar Girls Shoot Introduction and Shoot #1 – November

Anita – ‘November

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Heard of the film ‘Calendar Girls’?   If not, watch it – it’s a great movie.   In a nutshell, its based on a true story around a branch of the Women’s Institute in the UK – they’re a pretty staid bunch, into growing vegetables, flower arranging, knitting, doing good and being supportive of the community – you get the idea!   Sadly, one of the ladies’ husband passes away as a result of cancer.  The facilities in the hospital ward weren’t great so the ladies of the W.I. decide they would like to raise funds for – at least – a new sofa in the relatives room.

The ‘rebel’ in this particular W.I. branch, (renowned for her ‘crazy’ schemes), hits upon the idea of a calendar with each month featuring one of the ladies going about their ‘Women’s Institute’ business – with a twist.   They are nude!!  We are talking about ladies ranging from their mid 30’s to as old as you would like to imagine.  This was pretty shocking for the time (1990’s in a small Yorkshire village).  However, the Calendar is done tastefully and becomes a huge success morphing into films, plays and – yes, even more Calendar Girls.  They raised funds for far more than a chair and now each Calendar produced courtesy of ‘Calendar Girls’ also donates funds to a Cancer Charity.

So that’s’ where we come in. Stage Door Theatre Company is putting on the play Calendar Girls, producing a Calendar of our own fair ladies – with most of their ‘kit orf’  all tastefully done, of course.  A contribution of the sale proceeds will go to NZ Child Cancer Foundation.

With each ‘month’ that we photograph I’ll be producing a blog.   The months will be in the order of either the availability of the shoot location or the model. Keep reading to see what we got up to in the first shoot…!

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