Tale As Old As Time

BEAUTY & THE BEAST | 2-10 SEP | Turner Centre KERIKERI

This tale really does have old roots, with the first story written by French novelist, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, in 1740. There are so many different versions from all around the world, but it is the Disney tale that the modern audience knows best.

Our stage show, coming to The Turner Centre in September is the official Disney stage show version, full of all the wonderful scenes, songs and magical characters.

Be our guest!

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Coming Soon: Beauty and the Beast

September 2-10 | The Turner Centre Kerikeri

…incredible musical numbers, unforgettable characters, imaginative sets and costumes.

The Stage Door Theatre Company is proud to present to our Far North community, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – a show that has won the hearts of audiences worldwide. This family-friendly musical is based on the 1991 Academy Award winning animated film. With a talented cast of local performers and theatre practitioners, we are excited to bring this magical show to Kerikeri. Beauty and the Beast is filled with incredible musical numbers, unforgettable characters, imaginative sets and costumes.  

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast follows the story of a Young Prince who was transformed into a hideous Beast, due to his arrogance and lack of love for others. Belle, a beautiful and intelligent young woman, feels that she doesn’t fit into her small provincial town. When attempting to find her missing father, Belle stumbles upon a secluded castle, which is the home of the Beast and his enchanted household. Belle becomes both a prisoner and the hope of the castle. The only way for the spell to be broken, is for the Beast to learn to love another and be loved in return. This must happen before the last petals of the enchanted rose fall, or all of those who live in the castle are doomed to remain in their enchanted form forever. Will Belle and Beast confess their love for one another before it is too late?

Don’t miss your opportunity to see it here in Kerikeri. Book your tickets now!

The music is expertly crafted by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, the Book written by Linda Woolverton and original direction by Rob Roth.

Please note that the approximate show length is 2.5 hours including a twenty minute interval. Some scenes may be a little scary for audience members under the age of 5 years.

Your Cast

Belle: Hannah Collins

Beast: Luca Bocock

Gaston: Gareth Doull

Lefou: Sage Pistorius

Lumiere: Joe Howells

Cogsworth: Amandeep Nanua

Mrs Potts: Sue Gillard

Babette: Hannah Pegman

Madame De La Grande Bouche: Denise Nawisielski

Chip: Victoria Bocock and Ella Collins

An Ensemble of 27 incredible local talents

Your Production team

Miriam Collins (Director)

Tania Priebs (Musical Director)

Kylie Penn (Set and Costume Designer) 

Sherri Phillpott (Choreographer) 

many more creative volunteers working actively behind the scenes.

The Wizard of Oz Starts Friday!

Come along to one of our FOUR FUN SHOWS at the Turner Centre, with flying monkeys, munchkins, ruby slippers, friendship and rainbows. There are two matinees and family tickets available, so bring the whanau for a magical time!

The Wizard of Oz

16 – 18 OCT | Turner Centre Kerikeri

“We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!” Come and join the youth members of the Stage Door Theatre Company in this beloved and magical adventure. This classic story, brought to life by a young talented cast of thirty-six 7 – 17 year-olds, is not to be missed.

In Which Dorothy Loses Her Tickets to a Tornado

Part Two

DOROTHYRun to the storm shelter, Toto! There’s a tornado coming!
TOTOBut where did you put our Wizard of Oz tickets, Dorothy?
DOROTHY It’s okay, they’re right here in my… Oh no! They’ve blown away! Did you see where they went?
TOTOYes. Somewhere over that rainbow.
DOROTHYQuick, after them, Toto! We can’t miss that show. It’s going to be out of this world!
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